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Considering the whole picture of your health & wellbeing to provide the highest quality dental care using conventional & holistic approaches.
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What we believe in
Successful diagnosis & treatment of the patient requires a wide holistic consideration of health. Not only of the teeth and their supporting structures, but also nutrition, environment, toxic exposure, and genetics.
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Big Picture

We take into account all aspects of your health & wellness - from structural to dietary, emotional to spiritual, and even genetic - in order to create the best outcome for you.

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Root Cause

We don’t just treat your symptoms but truly get to the bottom of how your health is affecting your teeth, and how your teeth are affecting your health.

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We design all courses of treatment to be least invasive and have a minimal negative biological impact while maintaining the maximum benefit to you.


Who we are

Stewart Wright (BDS) has been in general practice since he qualified from Glasgow University in 1979, offering dental care and treatment of the highest quality.

In addition to using the techniques used by conventional dentists, Stewart is also qualified in a number of complementary therapies and uses a range of additional techniques to aid diagnosis & treatment.

He also specialises in the assessment of patients who suffer from pain in the jaw, neck, head & face, which often originates in dental problems and can be successfully treated with his methods.

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What we do

Stewart favours treatments that are non-invasive & low-impact on the body and is careful not to use any dental materials which could have toxic side effects, such as mercury-based amalgam (silver) fillings.

For patients who may have symptoms & health problems related to the accumulation of toxins in the body, such as heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and antibiotic residues, Stewart also uses Field Control Therapy.

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We can help you with...

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Safe Amalgam Removal

Did you know that your ‘silver’ fillings are predominantly mercury, which causes adverse effects on your health?

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Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Disruptive sleep should not be ignored and has a negative knock-on effect on your overall well-being, but holistic treatment can help.

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Tooth Grinding

While you may not be overly concerned by your bruxing in the night, grinding your teeth repeatedly can lead to long-term effects.

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TMJ Disorders

Your bite, and the joints connecting your jaw to your skull, could be the underlying cause of your headaches, dizziness, and neck pain, to name but a few.

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Complete Holistic Health Package - Coming Soon!

Stewart is opening a new clinic at Barmolloch (Kilmichael Glen, Argyll) where all dental treatments and complementary therapies will be available for concentrated treatment with self-catering accommodation provided.  The complete healing experience will allow you to retreat to safe & supportive surroundings, and can include all dental treatments, safe amalgam removal, nutritional advice, body work, and bioenergetics - all carried out under one roof.

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Where to find us
Based in Argyll, on the West Coast of Scotland, Stewart Wright currently practices two days per week in Oban.
SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) is a global health initiative to protect dental patients and the environment from the harmful effects mercury generated during the removal of amalgam fillings.

Stewart is the only certified SMART protocol practitioner in Scotland, registered with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.
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